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Laura Freeman

Maine artist Laura Freeman began her life in the Territory of Hawaii and was
raised in Seattle and Berkeley.  She earned an MFA in sculpture at The American University in Washington, DC and continued her studies around the globe.  She has shared her love of art by teaching and exhibiting throughout the US, for over 35 years.

Freeman finds inspiration in the natural world, and within that, she primarily explores the human form.  Its movement, its existence in time, its presence, its clearly exposed forms.  She prefers that her works provoke the viewer to consider questions rather than be given answers; Why these forms? What is this one telling me? What is my response to this pose? This face? This empty space?  She gives away no clues by leaving her works untitled.

Just as she leaves the viewer to wonder, she approaches her works with wonder.  She says, “I rarely bring an idea of a figure to the work, but seek in the raw material the spirit of the figure.  While working I balance on the precarious edge of leaving untouched what I see before me, and my desire to change it, to ‘correct’ the position, musculature, or surface.”

A member of The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS) Laura’s sculptures are exhibited nationally and held in numerous private collections.

Bronze’s by Laura available for purchase at the gallery –

Laura Freeman ~ ‘Presence D’ ~ Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture #1 of 5. 15″H x 9″W x 8″D Retail $4500.

Laura Freeman ~ ‘Miniature, A’ ~ Unique Miniature Bronze Sculpture 5″H x 1″W x 1″D Retail $350
















Laura Freeman ~ ‘Miniature, C’ ~ Unique Miniature Bronze Sculpture  3″H x 1.5″W x 2″D Retail $350



Laura Freeman ~ ‘Miniature, B’ ~ Unique Miniature Bronze Sculpture 2.5″H x 1.5″W x 4″D Retail $350














Laura Freeman ~ ‘Miniature, D’ ~ Unique Miniature Bronze Sculpture 3″H x 1″W x 1.5″D Retail $350.

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