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Richard Boyd Art Gallery represents a diverse group of nationally renowned, highly regarded, and established visual artists with a connection to the state of Maine creating art in a variety of mediums and styles. To learn more about an artist and view a complete inventory of art available for purchase at the gallery click on Learn More next to the artist’s name.

Please note, images are for reference only.  No image can capture the depth and nuances of an original work of art as seen in person at the gallery.


Maine artist Deena S. Ball is a nationally renowned landscape painter, known for her innovative use of watercolors in combination with textured ground and specialized surfaces.

A student of nature Deena is constantly amazed with the natural world and paints to help others see, respect, and conserve its beauty.  Whether painting en plein air or in a studio setting she strives to create simple expressive paintings inspired by nature which capture a moment in time and strike an emotional chord with the viewer.

After thirty five years of living and painting in the beautiful Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, she recently moved back to Maine and is excited to return to painting scenes from the interior to the coast of Maine.  She holds a BA in Art History and Studio Art from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and continued her studies at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and Tyler School of Art.

Deena is a past president of the Philadelphia Water Color Society, co-founder and Artistic Director of the non-profit LandArt Events, a signature member of Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and is a Pennsylvania Guild Master Craftsman.

Her paintings are exhibited throughout the Northeast and can be found in “Watercolor Artist” and several annual publications of “Splash.”

Image of Seasmoke and Rock Fingers  a 16″ x 20″ oil on copper panel painting by Deena S. Ball. Retail $1800.

Deena S Ball – Learn More



Maine artist Amy Bickford is a multi-talented artist and 1983 graduate from the Maine College of Art (MECA) who creates paintings in a traditional style portraying the timeless beauty and essence of Maine. Whether depicting a cityscape, landscape or scene from a pier; her paintings are a response to the experience and to everyday life.

When asked about the inspiration behind her work Amy replied, “Since graduating, I’ve held a variety of jobs while continuing to create works of art for individual clients, corporations, and small businesses.

The abundant and often random beauty throughout the state of Maine has been a constant source of inspiration for my work. The unspoiled beauty of Maine’s wilderness and coastal settings has a calming effect on me.

Vincent van Gough wrote in a letter to his brother Theo, “I study nature, so as not to do foolish things, to remain reasonable.” I can relate to that sentiment, painting is therapeutic for me. I can forget the ugliness and atrocities and focus on the beauty and wonder this world has to offer.”

Amy’s ability to capture the timeless beauty and essence of the subjects she paints is coveted by collectors. Her art works are exhibited locally and held in numerous private collections.

Image of Deep in the Woods a 20″ x 16″  gouache on gesso board painting by Amy Bickford.  Retail $500.

Amy Bickford – Learn More



Maine artist Richard (Rick) Boyd is a highly regarded potter, ceramic artist, and retired Nurse Anesthetist who has created pottery for over fifty years. Rick took his first pottery course while attending college in Philadelphia, PA.

In the 1970’s he moved to Portland, ME to work at Maine Medical Center. In need of studio space, Rick discovered Portland Pottery on Exchange Street where he rented a small work space and soon after became an apprentice to owner Larry Adlerstein.

In 1975, Rick and a business partner Stewart Kestenbaum opened Second Story Pottery on Exchange Street which closed a year later when Rick purchased a home on Peaks Island. Since, 1976 Rick has produced ceramic art and pottery on Peaks Island in Portland, Maine.

He works with a variety of clay bodies from high fire porcelain to low fire earthenware creating original hand-made works of ceramic art and pottery. “I am still amazed with the process of transforming balls of clay into works of art. It’s about centering the human body and making a connection with the clay. My energy and the feel of the clay define the shape of the piece. All of my work is wheel thrown or hand built.”

To ensure each piece is one of a kind, no cast molds of his originals are ever made and no commercially prepared glazes are used in the creation of his work. Rick has taken several seminars with noted potters including Warren Mackenzie, one of the greatest 20th century American potters, and pottery courses at Vanderbilt University, Maine College of Art, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.

Rick served as a mentor and visiting artist at Nicolet College in Wisconsin. His ceramic art and pottery are held in numerous private and public collections including Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus Ministry, New York, NY.

Image: Pottery by Richard Boyd.  High Fire Porcelain Cobalt Crystalline Glaze Series Cone 9 Oxidation. This Charger is sold but is part of an ongoing series in this glaze.

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Internationally renowned Maine artist C. R. (Bob) Bryant created Maritime art for more than 60 years.  Born in the eye of a hurricane in Central Florida, he created his first painting at age five.  Later, as a member of the Palm Beach Museum of Art he painted on site copying, reproducing, and learning from the masters.  Following his service in Southeast Asia, his understanding and appreciation of visual arts was enriched while living in Europe and devoting considerable time in the world’s great art museums, living and painting in the footsteps of the old masters.

Working primarily with oils using techniques of the old masters learned over years of study he became a master of realism.  Well known for his ability to paint water he also has a working knowledge of sailing ships and today he is recognized as a leading international marine artist.

Relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1988, his focus centered on preserving the rich Marine history of Puget Sound and his passion for classic sailing yachts.  A key aspect of his work involves the human figure, seldom included in maritime paintings but frequently the subject of his work.  Many of his paintings, specifically yachts, are portraits of crew and owners.  His love for the sea evolved through his considerable sailing experiences, and he never strayed far from the water.

Bob moved to the East coast and continued to create maritime paintings from his studio in Cape Neddick, Maine until his passing in November of 2023.  He was a member of The Copley Society of Art Boston, The Copley Society Portrait Registry, The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters, The Maritime Gallery Mystic Seaport Greenwich Connecticut, The International Marine Artists, associate member The Salmagundi Club New York City, and Co-Founder of PRIMA the Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Art.

Fifteen of Bob’s paintings are in the permanent collection of COGAP – United States Coast Guard Art Program and his paintings are in numerous maritime museums, and part of permanent collections held by national and international corporations and private collections in Europe, Asia, the West Indies, and the Americas.

Image of Vera Gloucester a 48″ x 36″ oil on panel painting by C. R. Bryant. Retail $12,500.

C. R. Bryant- Learn More



Born and raised in Maine, artist Patricia Chandler’s career as a commercial and fine artist, spans six decades.  She earned a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island and MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

After several years of working in the commercial field creating illustrations Pat moved to Minnesota, where she renewed her interest in printmaking and painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, moving back to Maine in 1971, later becoming an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Maine from 2005 to 2014.

When asked about her creative process and style Pat said, “My creative process and production inevitably refer to my geographic roots.  Maine’s more remote regions inspired much of my artwork to the same degree that its landscapes informed my early life.  Ever since I can remember, the trees and woods, mountains, lakes and fields of Maine have been where my mental, physical, and emotional balance could be restored.

The influence of those sensual memories emerges strongly when I work in the studio.  My work includes realistic paintings that seek to record places and certain senses of space and color in sites more visited in the summer by people from other places.  Those are more meditative in practice–exercises.

The expressionistic, semi-abstract images touch the feeling associated with those wilderness regions of forest and ocean.  The variety of Maine’s natural environment is sufficient for many lifetimes of an artist.”

Pat recently moved to South Portland, Maine where she continues to create paintings in a range of mediums and styles.  Her work is widely collected and held in numerous private and corporate collections across the US.

Image of Curtis Cove at Sunset a 32″ x 36″ oil on linen painting by Patricia Chandler. Retail $2400. SOLD

Patricia Chandler – Learn More




Massachusetts based artist Carrin Culotta is a retired Biomedical Engineer by training who has created visual art on and off again for many years.  Her paintings depict a variety of scenes from landscapes to figurative works created en plein air and in her home studio in Townsend, MA.

Having grown up in New England she acquired an appreciation for its beauty and seasons.  “My adventurous spirit and love for untamed natural settings inspires me to paint on location in and around northern New England.

I use art to channel my creative focus on natural subjects and to evoke the emotion I feel while experiencing it.  Art allows me to immerse myself in the beauty of nature and the mystery of a moment in time.  This gives me great satisfaction and is what I enjoy most in my life.”

Carrin is a member of the Princeton Art Association, Princeton Portrait Group, Massachusetts Plein Air Artists Group, Central Massachusetts Plein Air Painters, Plein Air Painters of Maine, Plein Air Painters of New Hampshire, Gardener League of Artists, Leominster Art Association, and an Associate Member Oil Painters of America.  Her painting are exhibited regionally and held in numerous private collections.

Image of Mountain Reflections a 6″ x 24″ oil on panel painting by Carrin Culotta. Retail $500.

Carrin Culotta – Learn More




Maine artist Kevin Daley is a gifted fine artist who creates paintings on location and in his studio in West Paris, Maine.  Whether depicting an old barn or a quiet cove, his traditional style paintings are a visual and poignant portrayal of that place in time.

When asked what inspires you to create visual art?  Kevin replied, “I am often drawn to subjects that evoke either a sense of peace or a sense of loneliness or isolation. Maine, particularly, offers an abundance of landscapes and buildings that catch my attention.

I love the process of discovering a subject that interests me and then digging in to see what exactly will happen.  Will the creation of this painting be smooth, or will this new work generate unforeseen problems and become a learning experience? What emotions do I have about the subject as I spend hours studying it or working with it? Can I communicate some of these emotions to the viewer?

My most successful paintings are those that seem to “paint themselves” from the moment I begin them.  These are particularly joyful occasions when I feel both totally relaxed and completely focused.  The final products of these nearly mystical experiences are always paintings that I value greatly.  I have found, over time, these are also the works that other people seem to like the best.”

Image of Climbing Pamola Peak, Mount Katahdin oil on board 12″ x 18″ Retail $450.

Kevin Daley – Learn More



Maine artist Randy Eckard studied at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and the Haywood School of Craft in Clyde, North Carolina.

A trained commercial and fine artist living in Blue Hill, Maine Randy’s career as a fine artist working exclusively with watercolors spans more than three decades.

For two years in a row Randy was selected as one of Maine’s most noteworthy artists for theartmaine Annual Guide.”   He has won over 190 awards for his paintings in watercolor throughout New England and the Southeast recently winning winning two top awards: Best of Show, and 1st place In Watercolor at the January 2023 Beaux Arts Festival in Coral Gables, Florida.  His work is widely collected and included in numerous private and corporate collections

Eckard is known for his use of light and shadow, with the subject of most of his paintings being light and how it defines and shapes the scene before him.  His watercolor paintings capture the timeless beauty and charm of Maine’s architecture and landscapes.

When asked about his career as an artist Randy replied, “I am closing in on forty years of working with watercolors.  For several years I was fascinated by the versatility and wonder of drawing with pencil, and pen and ink.  An HB pencil, a kneaded eraser, and a sheet of bristol board, opened up a world or exploration in black and white.  At the urging of a friend I tried adding watercolor to the early stages of my drawings, and I was soon painting more than drawing.  My love of drawing never diminished, and continues with quite detailed drawings in preparation for painting.

As a young boy, growing up in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, I began noticing and responding to the warm glow and cool, contrasting shadows of late afternoons.  Those early observations of light would become the focus of my paintings.  Early on I realized how quiet observation would most always reveal the life of a subject, and I learned to pay attention to sparks of inspiration, often arriving unexpectedly during my solitary wanderings along the backroads of coastal Maine.  Inspirations continue to pour in from the beautiful and dramatic coastline of Downeast Maine, where I have lived for the past twenty-five years.”

Image of Waiting for the Moment original watercolor on paper 16″ x 24″ by Randy Eckard. Retail $4500.


Randy Eckard – Learn More



Maine artist Charles Ellithorpe, DVM., is an award-winning sculptor, wildlife artist and practicing small animal veterinarian in Maine. After graduating from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, he lived in Washington and Montana before moving to mid-coast Maine.

Charles describes himself as a self-taught artist, but gives much credit to his formal training in animal anatomy and years as a veterinary surgeon.  His sculptures in bronze show his dedication to realism and memory of his wilderness experiences.

Charles’ sculptures are held in private and public collections in the United Sates, Mexico, and Europe.

Image of Moose a 14″L x 8″H x 7″W limited edition bronze sculpture by Charles Ellithorpe, DVM.  Limited Edition of 30.  Retail $1800.


Charles Ellithorpe, DVMLearn More




Boston, Massachusetts based artist Richard Hannaford Eyster is a widely respected painter who approaches a variety of subjects with the lustrous precision available through dry-brush watercolor.  Because the pigments retain their translucence, it is possible to develop a subtle, almost magical glow by laying down rich layers of color.

Working with Kolinsky sable brushes and an absolute minimum of water, the pigment dries quickly and deeply on heavy archival French paper, allowing layers of rich luminous color to emerge through the image with sharp defining detail. The finely detailed work invested in each painting often consumes three to five months.

For his more photorealistic work, he is drawn outward toward bountiful, microstudies of nature – craggy, barnacled coastlines, the succulence of a berry bush in high summer, and the quiet decay along a November forest floor.  A single leaf might take a week for the precise layering of color.  Whether conveying a leaf on the ground or a shell scape on the ocean floor, the work is built on a deep and evocative power.

Eyster is also irrevocably drawn to a darker, quirkier, and more personal realm.  These paintings are primarily photo-surrealistic, illuminating the most personal explorations in carefully detailed imagery.  There is no ostensible “meaning” to his paintings…the symbolism, if any, is unintentional and, at best, subconscious.  He recognizes that many artists are able to work with a great consistency of subject matter – but has long recognized that he is not one of them.

This latter collection from his Uneasy Truce Studio includes the occasional cockamamie vision – a moose in a plaid suit doing stand-up comedy (“This Deer Walks Into a Bar”), a bawling baby boy being tagged out by a huge adult catcher as he slides into home, and a commuter train made up of nothing but scarlet toasters, transporting slices of bread on their way to work.  This collection is also the source of some of his most deeply unsettling work – portraits of his daughters dead or lost, an imagined view inside the cockpit of the American Airlines plane just before it penetrates the World Trade Center, and a paranoic vision of homeowners arriving on their porches as a mob gathers in the distant darkness.

It is the rare collector of his work that is drawn toward the naturalistic and the far more personal realm.  It is for this reason that he generally channels his work through two very different studios.  Richard Boyd Art Gallery is honored to exhibit paintings from both studios.

Eyster’s paintings are shown in the National Arts Club (NY), the American Watercolor Society at the Salmagundi Club (NY), and National Academy of Design (NY).  His paintings are exhibited throughout the Northeast and held in private and public collections.

Image of A Tussel of Oaks a 22″ x 30″ dry-brush watercolor on paper painting by Richard H. Eyster. Retail $2700.

Richard H. Eyster- LearnMore




Maine artist Laura Freeman began her life in the Territory of Hawaii and was raised in Seattle and Berkeley.  She earned an MFA in sculpture at The American University in Washington, DC, and continued her studies around the globe.  She has shared her love of art by teaching and exhibiting throughout the US, for over 35 years.

Freeman finds inspiration in the natural world, and within that, she primarily explores the human form.  Its movement, its existence in time, its presence, its clearly exposed forms.  She prefers that her works provoke the viewer to consider questions rather than be given answers; Why these forms? What is this one telling me? What is my response to this pose? This face? This empty space?  She gives away no clues by leaving her works untitled.

Just as she leaves the viewer to wonder, she approaches her works with wonder.  She says, “I rarely bring an idea of a figure to the work, but seek in the raw material the spirit of the figure.  While working I balance on the precarious edge of leaving untouched what I see before me, and my desire to change it, to ‘correct’ the position, musculature, or surface.”

A member of The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS) Laura’s sculptures are exhibited nationally and held in numerous private collections.

Image of ‘Presence D No. 1 of 5’ a 15″H x 9″W x 8″D limited edition bronze sculpture by Laura Freeman. Retail $4500.

Laura Freeman Learn More





South Carolina based artist Wyn Foland is a  nationally renowned fine artist working with a variety of mediums known for her paintings in miniature, which by definition are 4” x 6” and employ all the principles of larger scale works.

For the past 5 decades, Wyn has traveled to Peaks Island, Maine to create plein air paintings immersing herself in the natural beauty and unending inspiration of the island.  Foland creates original paintings using a variety of mediums and styles, depicting a broad range of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, figurative, and wildlife.

A lover of sailing, Wyn and her husband moved to Port Royal, South Carolina where she continues to create works in miniature and larger scale paintings in studio and en plein air when not sailing the high seas.

In addition to being a Signature Member of the South Carolina Watermedia Society and the Georgia Watercolor Society she has served as a demonstrating artist at the Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts, and a Chroma teacher and demonstrator for Atelier International Paints.

Wyn’s paintings are exhibited nationally and held in numerous public and private collections.

Image of High Tide a 5″ x 6″ plein air acrylic on panel painting by Wyn Foland. Retail $275.

Wyn FolandLearn More




Maine artist Jane Herbert is a year-round resident of Damariscotta, Maine.  Jane’s traditional style paintings capture the picturesque landscapes and charm of her seaside village community.  Her current series of paintings are a visual expression of life along the coast and reveal her observations of the beautiful but rugged coast of Maine.

A gifted fine and commercial artist, Jane’s paintings capture the ever changing colors, life and mood of coastal Maine. Her unstructured approach to art and life has served her well.

“Instead of earning a formal education I gathered my paint brushes and toured Europe in a micro-bus, painting and learning as I went.  Since 2000, I have lived in Damariscotta.  Though the place is beautiful, I know that much of my contentment comes from the inner journey I have been on.  Painting has been a consistent part of my life.  Art helps ground my attention to reality and helps me process how I feel about it.  Often I recognize classic themes and honor them with a traditional painting style.

Through the years, I’ve been inspired by the beauty I find in nature. There is wild beauty all around in Maine.  Paintings like, ‘River Glow’ and ‘Preserve are my response to the beauty of a particular place.  I often drive past these scenes, catching nothing more than a flash of landscape in a break of roadside trees.

Upon reflection, I wonder if this is my work- to witness changing light, rising mist, flowers blooming, a pair of mallards feeding, – not a slower pace, but a timeless one.  There is something sacred in the untamed life that endures amid the structures of progress.  These paintings exhibit my respect for the ways of nature and personal affinity for tranquility and beauty, where I see it.”

Image of Abenaki Homeland an 18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas painting by Jane Herbert. Retail $2400.

Jane HerbertLearn More




New Jersey artist Kenneth Mancini is a retired President of Cornerstone Bank in Moorestown, New Jersey and established fine artist whose medium of choice is oil.

A self-taught artist, Ken returned to creating fine art seven years ago.  He’s known for his portraits and traditional style landscape paintings which are the key component of his portfolio.

Each landscape painting is based on experiences and conveys his connection to the ever-changing colors, light, and emotions experienced at that place in time.  His painting style is inspired and influenced by 19th century Hudson River School American landscape artists like John Kensett.  Whether conveying calm water at the edge of a coastal marsh or horses grazing in a field Ken’s paintings have an amazing level of depth, detail and realism.

His paintings are exhibited regionally and held in numerous private collections throughout the Northeast.

Image of ‘Morning Suspended’ an 18″ x 24″ oil on gesso board painting by Kenneth Mancini.  Retail $1200.

Kenneth ManciniLearn More



Maine artist Jean Noon has created art for more than 30 years.  After graduating from Goddard College in Vermont in 1971, with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and Agriculture, Jean attended the University of Southern Maine where she received a Bachelor of Science in Art Education in 1990. Jean’s sculptures include recycled materials and shift between figurative, non-objective, minimalist and complex forms.

Jean says, “In the spirit of Alexander Calder, I draw with wire.  I enjoy taking wire lines for walks through space.  I celebrate line, structure, shadow, humor, transparency and movement.  I am intrigued by negative space within and around structure and the evolution of form through the process of assemblage.  As a farmer I build and maintain the wire fences to contain my sheep, llama, and horses.  My sculpture is an extension of that fencing and the wire becomes the structure to contain and communicate ideas.”

Image of Moose a 9″ x 17.5″ x 9″ wire sculpture by Jean Noon. Retail $440. SOLD

Jean NoonLearn More





Chicago, IL artist Jen Pagnini is a trained commercial and fine artist with a BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL.

Her career as a commercial artist spans twenty years and includes creating graphic designs and illustrations for clients in San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL.

Pagnini has painted on and off again for many years.  Most recently, she has focused on establishing a consistent studio practice and has participated in group shows hosted by art centers in Chicago.

Her inspiration to paint comes from her desire to connect to the untamed spirit of animals and nature.  “There’s an immediate intimacy that’s born out of trying to catch an image as its fleeting.  The vibrancy I find inherent to capturing a subject en plein air, drives me to work and study on location.  My paintings are encapsulations – records of the temporary, elusive environments that wilderness can create externally and internally.

Be it serene or turbulent – from tide-flooded coastlines, to the slow drifting of a cloud, to the quiet presence of a horse – I’m observing and recording the transitory elements of light, color and shape.  The visual landscape is constantly changing and creating changes within me.  I’m as much a participant as I am a witness. Studio work evokes those meetings.  I discover what impressions, making that contact with a location or animal, has left behind on my memory.”

Image of  ‘Field No. 3’ Oil on Board 20″ x 20″ By Jen Pagnini.  Retail $500.

Jen PagniniLearn More




New York artist HM Saffer II is a pointillist artist with a focus on landscapes. Upon graduation from Temple University in 1965, he traveled to Paris, France to enroll in graduate economics courses.  While in Paris he performed with many notable French stars including Hugues Autray, Jacques Brel and many other.

He was later hired by Barclay Records as a producer and had several hit records in 1968 and 1969.  During this period HM also owned two restaurants in Paris, and later one in Spain.

Saffer returned to the United States in 1971 and continued on with his music career at Warner Brothers Productions.  While at Warner he painted a forty foot mural in their Madison Avenue, NY headquarters and exhibited his works in the firms lobby.  He later established HMS Two Music Ltd. and spent his time writing and producing music for films, commercials, recordings, and Broadway productions. HM’s work in the commercial field includes creations for Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Ford Motor Company, and Michelob among others.

Through this period he continued to paint. In 1981 he began to study the art of Japanese brush painting, Sumi-e. HM traveled to Japan in 1983 to study with Japanese masters and was represented by Galerie Musee and the Artbridge Gallery in Japan, and in Hong Kong by Alisen Gallery and the Kaai Fung Hin Gallery as a resident artist where he enjoyed many successful solo exhibits.

HM reentered the United States in 1994 and took residence in Upstate New York.  His style of painting shifted from works on paper to oils.  His paintings are a combination of Western techniques with those from the Orient, such as sumi-e, and the use of Japanese and Chinese colors creating a unique path towards the visual expression of his personal and emotional views.

HM has instructed at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, Berkshire Community College, and Columbia-Greene Community College.  He currently has gallery representation around the globe.

Image of Old Oak an 18″ x 24″ oil on canvas painting by HM Saffer II. Retail $4800.

HM SafferLearn More



New Mexico artist Bob Santandrea is a retired patent attorney and research scientist by training, Bob’s paintings are a means of self-expression, and for many years a welcome departure from his day job.

After moving to Corning, NY Bob became more interested in landscapes and re-discovered his love of pastels.  Santandrea is drawn to the colors and spontaneity that the medium allows.  Weather permitting he prefers to work “en plein air” to capture the natural colors and light of his surroundings.

Bob lays down an under painting in watercolor which adds a degree of luminosity to his work.  The different effects provided by the softness and brilliance of pastel colors mixed with other media allow him to take a more impressionistic approach to his subject.

Now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico Bob continues to paint en plein air.  Bob says, “My paintings are gestures in the sense that I am trying to capture the sense or mood (the light and colors, peace, silence, mystery) of a particular place.”

Bob had the opportunity to paint with Thomas S. Buechner for a few years while living in Corning, NY.  He has also taken workshops with master pastel artists, such as Richard McKinley, Albert Handell, and Robert Carsten. Santandrea is an associate member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), and a member of the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and the Pastel Artists of New Mexico.

Image of Fall Pond a 13″ x 16″ pastel on paper landscape by Bob Santandrea. Retail $340.

Bob Santandrea Learn More




Felicity Sidwell’s artistic journey has been one of constant exploration, study, evolution and growth.  Originally working in the 1960’s, in medical microbiology and hematology in the UK, she started painting when she moved from England to Connecticut with her husband in 1971.  Felicity lived and painted on the coast of Maine for many years, moving to Gettysburg, PA then to West Bend, WI where she currently resides.

A long standing member of the Plein Air Painters of Maine Felicity says, “Painting out on location, en plein air, is for me the best way to capture the fleeting colors produced by light, specific to that time and place, and my emotional response.  The study of changing light, with weather and seasons, and its effects on the mood of a landscape has become a lifelong passion.

Painting for me is a two way process, a non-verbal communication between me and the future viewers of my work.  I try to express with paint on canvas not only the beauty of the landscape before my eyes, but the atmosphere, the feeling of being there, to share with the viewer a sense of place.”

Felicity’s paintings are exhibited nationally and held in numerous private and corporate collections.  She is a member of the Plein Air Painters of Maine; The Foundry Art Market, Chambersburg, PA; Hanover Area Arts Guild Plein Air Painters, PA; CALC, Carlisle PA; Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters; Adams County Arts Council; American Impressionist Society; and Oil Painters of America.

Image of Totman Cove No.3 a 9″ x 12″ plein air oil on panel painting by Felicity Sidwell. Retail $450.

Felicity Sidwell Learn More 





Maine artist Wilson Stewart is a visual artist and retired Licensed Land Surveyor living on Peaks Island in Portland, Maine.  Influenced by his grandmother, a gifted sketch artist, Wilson has drawn on and off again since childhood.

Mainly self-taught, Wilson began painting later in life.  His paintings depict a range of scenes across multiple genres, including cityscapes and portraits, and reflect his interpretation of nature and daily life.  Working with a variety of mediums his portfolio includes realistic traditional style paintings of people and places, and expressionistic semi-abstract paintings full of vibrant colors and rich tones.

When asked to speak about his career as a fine artist he replied, “My maternal grandmother was quite a sketch artist when she was younger and I guess that rubbed off on me.  When I was much younger, and she used to take me on trips, she would give me her old unused sketch books and field paints and watched as I drew.  With much patience, and only a little guidance she allowed me to draw and paint what I saw, as I saw it.

While in forestry school at the University of Maine at Orono, my academic schedule allowed for one pure elective course.  I chose basic drawing. I remember thinking at the time that I wished I had gone to school for a fine arts degree instead.  Life, as it usually does, got a hold of my free time after getting married and while raising two wonderful sons.  No regrets!  I count that time among the best moments of my life and banked all those experiences in journal sketches, for future artworks.

After my wife’s passing in March of 2018, I moved to the island, permanently, where I have set up my new studio to continue painting and printmaking.  I still paint what I see, as I see it.  During the summer months, with Portland, ME and Peaks Island, ME as my inspiration, if I’m not sitting on a beach, I am sketching… actually I am usually doing both.  In my new studio, I have narrowed my artistic interests to painting with acrylics and monotype printmaking, focusing on landscape and figurative subject matter.”

Image of Southeasterly a 11″ x 14″ oil on panel painting by Wilson Stewart. Retail $375. Sold

Wilson StewartLearn More









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