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Amy Bickford


Amy Bickford ~ ‘Tall Ships’ ~ Watercolor and Gouache on Paper 20″ x 26″  $700.00

A multi-talented artist and 1983 graduate from the Maine College of Art (MECA), Amy Bickford creates paintings in a traditional style portraying the timeless beauty and essence of Maine. Whether depicting a cityscape, landscape or scene from a pier; her paintings are a response to the experience and to everyday life.

When asked about the inspiration behind her work Amy replied, “Since graduating, I’ve held a variety of jobs while continuing to create works of art for individual clients, corporations, and small businesses.

The abundant and often random beauty throughout the state of Maine has been a constant source of inspiration for my work. The unspoiled beauty of Maine’s wilderness and coastal settings has a calming effect on me.

Vincent van Gough wrote in a letter to his brother Theo, “I study nature, so as not to do foolish things, to remain reasonable.” I can relate to that sentiment, painting is therapeutic for me. I can forget the ugliness and atrocities and focus on the beauty and wonder this world has to offer.”

Amy’s ability to capture the timeless beauty of subjects she paints is coveted by collectors. Her art works are exhibited locally and held in numerous private collections.


Amy Bickford ~ ‘Birches in Fog’ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 14″ x 11″  $400.00

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Dawn Of the Day’ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 14″ x 18″  $500.00














Amy Bickford ~ 'Deep in the Woods' ~ Gouach 20" x 16"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Deep in the Woods’ ~ Gouache 20″ x 16″  $500.00

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Where the Brook Splits’ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 14″ x 11″  $400.00
















Amy Bickford ~ "Birches with Purple Flowers" ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 11" x 14"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Birches with Purple Flowers’ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 11″ x 14″ $450.00

Amy Bickford ~ "Estes Road" ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 18" x 14"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Estes Road’ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board 18″ x 14″  $500.00












Amy Bickford ~ "Portland Pilings" ~ Watercolor on Paper 8" x 6"

Amy Bickford ~ “Portland Pilings” ~ Watercolor on Paper 8″ x 6″  $250.00
















































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