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Julianne Garvey ~ "Lewiston Mills#2 Night" ~ Watercolor 11" x 14'

Julianne Garvey ~ “Lewiston Mills#2 Night” ~ Watercolor 11″ x 14″  $350.00

A multi-talented artist working with a variety of mediums Julie moved to Maine in 1980, most recently moving to Ann Arbor, MI. She studied art at The University of Georgia, her first two years of college, later transferring to and graduating from The College of William and Mary in Virginia.

When asked what inspires you to create visual art, Julie replied, “I’m inspired by many different things, light and shadow fascinate me, but shapes, movement and energy of forms in the scene are what hold my attention.

From an early age I have always enjoyed whatever art was being taught at whatever grade level I was in at the time. My high school Art Teacher was encouraging and didn’t teach a formula of how to do something so much as how to look at something before engaging with it. It seems a natural thing for kids to use their imagination, experiment, and be creative and as artists we were encouraged more than others to keep at it, to do more.

That’s probably when we lost the fear of criticism, when we experimented to see what would come to life next. I’m not sure if any artist knows why we create art, beyond the simple fact that we do. I paint what I want to reflect on, what I could sit with and look at over and over again. The initial impression gives way to more subtle relationships within the piece. Painting can be meditation, and so can the art of viewing a painting. I do know that I love creating art and wouldn’t feel complete if I were not to do so.”




























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