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Karen Chutsky Naud

Maine artist Karen Chutsky Naud’s life is an ongoing creative adventure. A noted commercial and fine artist living in Boothbay, Maine she launched her career at the age of 6 when she began creating murals on the walls of her family’s home in New Jersey. At the age of nine she was studying watercolor painting at the Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, New Jersey and at the York Art Association in Maine.

Karen studied Fine Art at Pennsylvania State University and the famed Arts Student League of New York City. While in New York she “fell in love with designing fabrics” and studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology winning several awards including the Gold Medal Award – Achievement in Textile Design and the Milliken Award to name a few.

In her twenties she focused on creating textile designs, graphics, and showing her watercolors in galleries. It was during this time that she opened her own Home Furnishing Fabric company with a line of silkscreened fabrics made in a factory in Ramsey, New Jersey and sold at her retail outlet in Paramus, New Jersey called Kallena Designs. “It was so exciting to see yards and yards of my colorful designs running down twenty five foot print tables.”

Karen returned to Ogunquit, Maine for a 6 years running a watercolor gallery on Maine street. She later moved to Los Angeles, CA to train for  animation, storyboarding, and set design with Disney Animators. This led to a career in animation, film storyboarding, and period set design. “Storyboarding was making a film on paper. I had always had a camera in hand so it came natural to me.”

While in CA, she authored and illustrated children books, wrote reviews for online book review sites, and a movie review column for a local newspaper. It was during this time that Karen met her husband W.T. (William) Naud a director/producer, film-maker, screenplay writer, and game show creator.

The couple lived on the west coast until 2018 when they returned to Boothbay, Maine where Karen opened Sandpiper Art Gallery.

Throughout her commercial career Karen continued to create and exhibit her watercolor paintings. “Now chalk pastel is my favorite medium because it is quick and energetic, shows off an artist’s strong drawing hand and the lovely palette of colors are all laid out before you to pick and choose, to sketch- smear and rub with your fingers rather than a brush. I’m always amazed at how just a few strokes can create so much life on a piece of paper. The best perk of being an artist – having the mindset of being creative with life as well as art. It all feels like a big adventure, a movie in the making.”


Pastels by Karen available for purchase at the gallery –


Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Maine Rocks in Filtered Light’ ~ Chalk Pastels on Paper. Retail $800.

Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Burt Umber Rocks Awash in Seafoam’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $800.











Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Moored Boats by the Island’ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $800.

Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Foggy Harbor Fishing Boats’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $650.












Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Unloading the Catch of the Day’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $650.

Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Moored Boats in the Cove’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $800.











Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Sipping Geese Reflections’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $800.

Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Waves Crashing on Rocks’ ~ Chalk Pastel on Paper. Retail $800.











Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Loon Among the Lily Pads’ Pastel on Paper Retail $650.

Karen Chutsky Naud ~ ‘Stormy Seas in Moody Light’ ~ Pastel on Paper Retail $450.

















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