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Kevin Daley

Kevin Daley ~ ‘Farm in Pittsfield’ ~ Oil on Canvas 18″ x 36″

An educator and gifted fine artist, Kevin Daley creates paintings on location and in his studio in West Paris, Maine. Whether depicting an old barn or a quiet cove, Kevin’s traditional style paintings are a visual and poignant portrayal of that place in time.

When asked what inspires you to paint? Kevin replied, “I’m often drawn to subjects that evoke either a sense of peace or a sense of loneliness or isolation. Maine, particularly, offers an abundance of landscapes and buildings that catch my attention.

Kevin Daley ~ ‘Whitehead, Monhegan Island’ ~ oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″

I love the process of discovering a subject that interests me then digging in to see what exactly will happen. Will the creation of this painting be smooth, or will this new work generate unforeseen problems and become a learning experience? What emotions do I have about the subject as I spend hours studying it or working with it? Can I communicate some of these emotions to the viewer?

My most successful paintings are those that seem to “paint themselves’ from the moment I begin them. These are particularly joyful occasions when I feel both totally relaxed and completely focused. The final products of these nearly mystical experiences are always paintings that I value greatly. I have found, over time, these are also the works that other people seem to like the best.”


Kevin Daley ~ ‘Farm in Pittsfield’ ~ Oil on Canvas 18″ x 36″

Kevin Daley ~ ‘Richard’s House with Lilies West Paris, Maine’ Oil on Canvas 10″ x 10″











Kevin Daley ~ ‘After the Storm: Hebron Maine’ ~ Oil on Canvas 20″ x 28″

Kevin Daley ~ "Dawn at Stage Harbor" ~ Oil on Canvas 8" x 24"

Kevin Daley ~ “Dawn at Stage Harbor” ~ Oil on Canvas 8″ x 24″











Kevin Daley ~ "Near Lobster Cove" ~ Oil on Canvas 8" x 16"

Kevin Daley ~ “Near Lobster Cove” ~ Plein Air Oil on Canvas 8″ x 16″

Kevin Daley ~ ‘Red Rowboat, Evening’ ~ Oil on Panel 8″ x 10″











Kevin Daley ~ ‘Emerging: Whitetail in Hartland, Maine’ ~ Oil on Panel 10″ x 10″

Kevin Daley ~ “Cedar Waxwings’ ~ Oil on Canvas 6″ x 6”













Kevin Daley ~ ‘ At the Summit Weld, Maine’ ~ Oil on Canvas 10″ x 10″

Kevin Daley ~ ‘The Look Out Weld, Maine’ ~ Oil on Canvas 10″ x 8″



















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