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Linda Caron

Linda Caron, a native of Portland, Maine is a gifted watercolorist with a focus on architectural landscapes. A retired American Airlines flight attendant her paintings are inspired by travels to Europe. A self-taught artist she has created visual art on and off again since childhood.

When asked to speak about the inspiration behind her work she said, “I’ve always been interested in art. Growing up I enjoyed any and all projects that embraced my creativity. Regrettably, I didn’t follow the advice of my art teachers and attend art school. Instead, I taught myself how to paint while working a variety of interesting jobs, including bartending part time at Dimillo’s restaurant.

I continued to paint, on and off again, until my first child was born. As my family grew I made a decision to put down my paint brushes and concentrate on raising our girls, but I never gave up my love of painting.

At the age of forty, our girls grown, I started a new career as a flight attendant for American Airlines. My work allowed me to visit interesting places around the globe. On many of those trips I was able to photograph some amazing sites. Today those images, taken on my travels throughout Europe, serve as the inspiration for my paintings.

I really didn’t embrace art again until four years ago when I picked up a paint brush and tried something new, to me, watercolor and gouache. I got off to a rough start, but things began to take shape once the concept of watercolor verses oil became clear to me.

I’m especially inspired by the beauty and grandeur of European architecture. Art is seemingly everywhere among their quaint streets and alley ways. Each painting I create reminds me of my journeys.

Now retired and living in Falmouth, ME I plan to paint with greater regularity and establish a consistent studio practice, filling my portfolio with paintings in watercolor.”

Linda’s paintings have been included in many art fairs throughout the years and featured in several local publications.


Paintings by Linda available for purchase at the gallery –


Linda Caron ~ ‘Zurich Alleyway With Steeple’ ~ Watercolor 16″ x 8″ Retail $500

Linda Caron ~ 'Miltenberg Walled Village' ~ Watercolor on Paper 10" x 8"

Linda Caron ~ ‘Miltenberg Walled Village’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 10″ x 8″ Retail $400.

















Linda Caron ~ ‘Rome Alleyway’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 7″ x 5″ Retail $175.




Paintings by Linda Sold at the gallery – 

Linda Caron ~ ‘Bass Harbor Light’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 10″ x 8″ Retail $300. SOLD

Linda Caron ~ ‘Rainy Day’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 5″ x 7″ Retail $175. SOLD




























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