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Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Kelp Forest’ ~ Mixed Media on Panel 30″ x 24″

A gifted artist and art instructor, Patricia Chandler’s career as a commercial and fine artist spans more than five decades. She received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI and MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

After several years working in the commercial field creating illustrations Pat moved to Minnesota, where she renewed her interest in printmaking, moving back to Maine in 1971, becoming an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Maine from 2005 to 2014.

When asked about her creative process and style Pat said, “I have always retained an interest in various forms of realism persisting in contemporary 20th and 21st century art. In all of my paintings there is a continuum that began in realism and overtime evolved into more expressionistic, abstracted works. In my paintings realism sometimes asserts itself as a meditative study of sorts.

To quote Blaise Pascal, “Reason’s last step is recognizing that an infinity of things surpass it.” One of the infinity of things is art.  Another is science.  I thought in art school, and forever after, that there is no difference between the fields.  I work in my studio with the same love of questioning, labor, study and discovery as the scientist in the laboratory.  We both know the questions we ask are unanswerable.  We both dedicate our lives to the exploration of what we can sense of our universe and of the world where we have our feet for the moment.  In these dedicated people a great struggle goes on with a life-giving satisfaction that is its own reward.  That is, a great flight of spirit comes out of the struggle.  So we have to do it again.  It is life.

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Lily Pond, Stonington’ ~ Oil on Panel 10″ x 22″

I am happy to be represented by a gallery given to the appreciation of the natural landscape.  Ever since I can remember, the trees and woods, mountains, lakes and fields of Maine have been where my mental, physical, and emotional balance could be restored; there I went as a child whenever I craved alone-ness and mental silence, and it is still the same.  I have found it at the ocean in the coastal regions, the peninsulas and islands adjacent to Blue Hill and north of Ellsworth to Canada.  Because they are unspoiled, there is a strong sense of character and history.  The same is true of another place alive in memory, Baxter State Park and the wilderness west and north of it.  I explored that large and gorgeous area on foot and in canoes as a camper and counselor until I left Maine for art school. Thanks to Governor Baxter, it remains fiercely protected as a “forever wild” wilderness region.  The beautiful Mount Katahdin, the Northern end of the more than 2000 miles of Appalachian Trail beginning in northern Georgia, is my favorite place in the world.  My father and I also often canoed and fished still more remote lakes when living in the very northern tip of Maine.

The influence of those sensual memories emerges strongly when I work in the studio. I am still interested in Realism.  The realistic paintings that seek to record places and certain senses of space and color in sites more visited in the summer by people from other places.  Those are more meditative in practice–exercises.  The expressionistic, semi-abstract images touch the feeling associated with those wilderness regions of forest and ocean.  One feels, “No one has ever been here before.”  Perhaps feeling is one of the infinity of things in the quote above.

“Only in concert with art does science become so precise.  Both are metaphors through which we strive to know the world and ourselves; both can illuminate inner and outside landscapes with a flash that inspires but whose impermanence necessitates unending rediscovery.” —  A General Theory of Love. Lewis, Amini, and Lannon


Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Kelp Forest’ ~ Mixed Media on Panel 30″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Granite Quarry, Blue Hill’ ~ Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 24″ x 30″















Patricia Chandler ~ "Marsh V" ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Marsh V” ~ Oil on Wood Panel 24″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Beech Leaves in Winter’ ~ Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 24″ x 20″
















Patricia Chandler ~ ‘ Gorge at Evans Notch’ ~ Mixed Media on panel 24″ x 20″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Beech Leaves’ ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel 12″ x 12″
















Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Uneasy Passage’ ~ Cold Wax Medium on Panel 30″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ “Driftwood at Water’s Edge ” ~ Oil Mixed Media on Panel 20″ x 24″
















Pat Chandler ~ 'Driftwood Marsh' ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Pat Chandler ~ ‘Driftwood Marsh’ ~ Oil on Wood Panel 24″ x 24″

Pat Chandler ~ "Abstract II" ~ Mixed Media 15" x 15"

Pat Chandler ~ Abstract II” ~ Mixed Media 15″ x 15″














Patricia Chandler ~ "Goldenrod" ~ Cold Wax on Panel 21.5" x 21.5"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Goldenrod” ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 21.5″ x 21.5″

Patricia Chandler ~ Oriole” ~ Diptych Oil Mixed Media on Panels 48″ x 48″















Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Storm at Sea’ ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Panel 13″ x 13″

Patricia Chandler ~ "Edge of the Tide" ~ Graphite on Paper 18.5" x 23"

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Edge of the Tide’ ~ Graphite on Paper 18.5″ x 23″













Patricia Chandler ~ "Untitled Abstract" ~ Oil and Cold Wax 12" x 12"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Untitled Abstract” ~ Oil and Cold Wax 12″ x 12″ SOLD

Patricia Chandler ~ "Tide's Edge I" ~ Oil on Panel 20" x 24"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Tide’s Edge I” ~ Oil on Panel 20″ x 24″














Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Jordan Pond, Rocks’ ~ Oil on Panel Diptych 30″ x 48″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Cadillac Mountain with Clouds’ ~ Oil 11″ x 11″










































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