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Pat Chandler ~ 'Diana's Table' ~ Oil on Panel 10" x 20"

Pat Chandler ~ ‘Diana’s Table’ ~ Oil on Wood Panel 10″ x 22″

A gifted artist and art instructor, Pat Chandler’s career as a commercial and fine artist spans more than five decades. She received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI and MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

After several years working in the commercial field creating illustrations Pat moved to Minnesota, where she renewed her interest in printmaking, moving back to Maine in 1971, becoming an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Maine from 2005 to 2014.

Pat Chandler ~ "Yellow Morning II" ~ Mixed Media 48" x 24"

Pat Chandler ~ “Yellow Morning II” ~ Mixed Media on Wood Panel 48″ x 24″

When asked about her creative process and style Pat said, “I have always retained an interest in various forms of realism persisting in contemporary 20th and 21st century art. In all of my paintings there is a continuum that began in realism and overtime evolved into more expressionistic, abstracted works. In my paintings realism sometimes asserts itself as a meditative study of sorts.

My creative process and production inevitably refer to my geographic roots. The environment was essential to my development as a young child. Maine’s more remote regions inspired many of my paintings to the same degree that its landscapes informed my early life.

My imagery, though based on landscape, evolved from realism into expressionism and abstraction. Part of that transition was due to more experimental attitudes towards tools and materials. Most of my more recent work is a combination of those styles; however, there remains a love of realism.”






Patricia Chandler ~ "Marsh V" ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Marsh V” ~ Oil on Wood Panel 24″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ “Beech Leaves in Winter” ~ Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 24″ x 20″
















Patricia Chandler ~ “Driftwood at Water’s Edge ” ~ Oil Mixed Media on Wood Panel 20″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ "Tide's Edge I" ~ Oil on Panel 20" x 24"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Tide’s Edge I” ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 20″ x 24″













Pat Chandler ~ 'Late Afternoon Cove" ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 48"

Pat Chandler ~ ‘Late Afternoon Cove’ ~ Oil on Wood Panel 24″ x 48″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Sand Pond Stream II’ ~ Oil on Wood Panel 48″ x 24″



















Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Maine Kelp Forest’ ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 14″ x 14″

Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Storm at Sea’ ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 13″ x 13″


















Pat Chandler ~ 'Driftwood Marsh' ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Pat Chandler ~ ‘Driftwood Marsh’ ~ Oil on Wood Panel 24″ x 24″

Pat Chandler ~ "Abstract II" ~ Mixed Media 15" x 15"

Pat Chandler ~ Abstract II” ~ Mixed Media 15″ x 15″
















Patricia Chandler ~ "Goldenrod" ~ Cold Wax on Panel 21.5" x 21.5"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Goldenrod” ~ Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 21.5″ x 21.5″

Patricia Chandler ~ "Edge of the Tide" ~ Graphite on Paper 18.5" x 23"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Edge of the Tide” ~ Graphite on Paper 18.5″ x 23″














Pat Chandler ~ 'The Other Side' ~ Cold Wax 12" x 12"

Pat Chandler ~
‘The Other Side’ ~ Cold Wax Medium on Wood Panel 12″ x 12″

Pat Chandler ~ “Early Morning Mist” ~ Diptych – Cold Wax Medium and Oil on Wood Panels 12″ x 24″














Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Oriole’ ~ Diptych – Oil Mixed Media on Panels 48″ x 48″








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