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Roy Perkinson


Roy Perkinson has a deep fascination for the visable world and how it works. He studied physics at MIT, art in a private art school and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and art history at Boston University. Subsequently he trained in paper conservation under F.W. Dolloff at the Museum of Fine Arts, eventually becoming the head of the Museum’s Virginia Herrick Deknatel Paper Conservation Laboratory. Throughout these years he continued to pursue his love of painting. In 2006 he retired and now spends all his time painting.

A life-long painter, when asked what inspires you to paint? Roy replied, “There is an instant of recognition that something I’ve observed could and must become a painting. These instants come as unexpected gifts, as if I suddenly found a pearl lying on a beach. I’ve come to realize that what arrests my attention in this way has several ingredients, but most important is a quality of light that evokes an emotion akin, perhaps, to feelings that can come from poetry. also, I am drawn to a scene that has an underlying sense of geometry and combination of colors that I judge to contain the possibility of delicious harmonies.

Then comes the process of distilling and refining these elements while trying to use the special properties and personalities of the medium itself, whether oil, pastel or watercolor. In making a painting I want to allow the medium to have its own voice. but I try to imbue the medium with the moods, memories, and visual delights I found in that original instant of recognition.

I grew up in Texas so it is not surprising that many of my pictures try to convey a sense of open spaces and often include attention to the sky, with its various moods and atmospherics.”


Paintings by Roy available for purchase at the gallery – 

Roy Perkinson ~ ‘In Weston’ ~ Pastel on Paper 12″ x 15″ Retail $450.

Roy Perkinson ~ ‘River Bridge’ ~ Pastel on Paper 24″ x 18″  Retail $2000.















Roy Perkinson ~ ‘Columbia River, Late Afternoon’ ~ Oil on Canvas 20″ x 24″ Retail $1800.

Roy Perkinson ~ "Interior Landscape" ~ Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Roy Perkinson ~ ‘Interior Landscape’ ~ Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″ Retail $1650.












Roy Perkinson ~ ‘November on the Pond’ ~ Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″ Retail $2000.



Paintings by Roy sold at the gallery –


Roy Perkinson ~ ‘Early Winter on the River’ ~ Pastel on Panel 12″ x 20″ Retail $950 SOLD







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