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Scarlet Kinney

Scarlet Kinney ~ ‘A Walk in the Woods’ ~ Watercolor and Pastel on Paper 22″ x 18″

A life-long artist and writer, with a career spanning four decades, Scarlet Kinney lives quietly in a secluded setting in Downeast Maine’s coastal forest, not far from where she was born. She received a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, completed Master’s level studio tutorials at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and earned an MA in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA.

When asked to talk about her career as an artist she replied, “To talk about myself as an artist who works primarily with mythic and shamanic themes is to speak about fire. Repeated experiences with fire thrust me into realities inhabited by the mythic and shamanic energies that have shaped my life and work into the forms they now take. Following a 1988 fire in which I was severely burned and in which all but a few of my paintings were destroyed, I founded The Standing Bear Center for Shamanic Studies, which now houses my painting studio and gallery.

For much of my early career, I dreamed of creating paintings of strange images that floated through my mind and through my dreams, but was not able to tease them from my mind onto canvas in ways that held and expressed their energies. Following the 1988 fire those images began to come through full blown, ready to be painted. My paintings are inspired by many things. I am often stunned by the complex beauty created by the play of light and weather on the surface of the sea. I dream of the seeds of life that exists beneath the sea, within the earth and in the atmosphere, all longing to be brought from the Potential for Becoming into Being.

My work is about pushing limits and relaxing preconceived ideas to express the inscrutable and ineffable energies that speak to me through the mythic and shamanic imagery that comes to me in dreams and visions. It is also very much about the process of painting itself; about creating the thickness, textures, interplays of color, light, shadow and line; or creating bold, rich strokes of paint on the canvas as I try to find my way towards expressing the mythic energies informing much of my work.

All of these influences are present in my work, informing each decision I make from start to finish for each and every painting.”



Scarlet Kinney ~ ‘A Walk in the Woods’ ~ Watercolor and Pastel on Paper 22″ x 18″

Scarlet Kinney ~ ‘October Moon, Newbury Neck’ ~ Watercolor and Pastel on Paper 20.75″ x 18.25″

















Scarlet Kinney ~ ‘Summer Day, Curtis Cove’ ~ Pastel and Watercolor on Paper 7.5″ x 24

Scarlet Kinney ~ ‘Changing Seasons, Morgan Bay’ ~ Pastel and Watercolor on Paper 10″ x 26″

































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