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Susan Tan ~ 'Ladies in Waiting' ~ Watercolor on Paper 15" x 22" $500.00

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio Susan Studied painting and graphics at Miami University Oxford, Ohio before transferring to Ohio State University where she earned a degree in Art Education in 1975, earning a Master’s Degree in Art Education in 2004. A retired art teacher, she recently relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Portland, Maine.

When asked to discuss her career as an artist and her creative process Susan replied, “Like many artists, I’ve been drawing and painting since I was quite young. My love affair with watercolors began as a flirtatious creative past-time. Eventually, I took classes, which became my emotional and psychological hiatus from the stress of teaching.

I see my work as visual poetry, a symbiotic synthesis between the physical subject and the spirit it conveys in space and time. I love the technical problem solving that doing watercolors continually presents, as well as the interconnections between the subject and emotional expression conveyed. My process is like stir-fried cooking; a lot of prep work with a balance between flow and control, but never overcooking. It’s edgy, but suits my personality. Like teaching, life presents lots of opportunities to learn from, process and interpret, and then share. Boiling it all down, painting watercolors is no longer a flirtatious past-time but a genuine love affair.”

A juried member of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society Susan’s paintings are exhibited at art galleries in Ohio, and Maine.


Paintings by Susan available for purchase at the gallery – 

Susan Tan ~ 'Audubon Field' ~ Watercolor on Paper 14" x 11"

Susan Tan ~ ‘Audubon Field’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 14″ x 11″  $300.

Susan Tan ~ 'Ladies in Waiting' ~ Watercolor on Paper 15" x 22" $500.00

Susan Tan ~ ‘Ladies in Waiting’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 15″ x 22″ $500.












Susan Tan ~ ‘Honker’s Delight’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 11″ x 14″  $300.

Susan Tan ~’Sweet Country Time’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 11″ x 14″  $300.










Paintings by Susan sold at the gallery –


Susan Tan ~ ‘Blizzard at Bass Island’ ~ Watercolor on Paper 11″ x 14″ Retail $300. SOLD






















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