Richard Boyd Art Gallery

April 2016 – “Annual Wildlife and Animal Theme Art Exhibit”

Amy Bickford ~ "Blue Heron" ~ 18" x 24" ~ Gouache on Gesso Board

Richard Boyd Art Gallery located on Peaks Island in Portland, Maine is pleased to present an annual exhibition of Wildlife and Animal Theme Art on Friday, April 1 at 10 a.m. The exhibit features a selection of paintings and sculptures depicting animals in a variety of settings including sporting and wildlife scenes, and a select offering of animal portraits.

Included in the exhibit are works by artists’ Amy Bickford – paintings in acrylic based gouache, watercolor, and mixed media; Rob Anderson – paintings in oil; and Charles Ellithorpe, DVM – limited edition bronze sculptures. The public is invited to the opening reception at Richard Boyd Art Gallery on Friday, April 1 between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The exhibit is on view free of charge through April 29, 2016.

About the Artists

Amy Bickford is a multi-talented artist whose current portfolio of paintings includes a selection of works depicting a broad range of animals from avian to equine. Amy works with a variety of mediums but prefers working with acrylic based gouache or watercolor. Her ability to capture an animal’s personality and physical attributes with great accuracy and authenticity is coveted by collectors.

A 1983 graduate of the Maine College of Art (MECA), Amy says, “Since graduating I’ve held a variety of jobs while continuing to create art works for individual clients, corporations, and small businesses, including painting murals for the Children’s Museum of Art, and recreating the artwork on the ceiling of St. John’s Cathedral in Bangor, Maine. Through the years, I’ve been fortunate to use my talent and love of painting to bring happiness to others.”


Amy Bickfrod ~ "Tiger" ~ Mixed Media 10.5 x 10.5

Amy Bickford ~ “Tiger” ~ Mixed Media 10.5″ x 10.5″

Amy Bickford ~ "Running Wild" ~ Watercolor on Paper 8.5" x 8.5"

Amy Bickford ~ “Running Wild” ~ Watercolor on Paper 8.5″ x 8.5″













Rob Anderson’s wildlife paintings in oil on canvas were inspired by scenes from his travels around the globe and depict animals in a variety of settings. Born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains, Anderson began his art education at an early age, studying with his scoutmaster noted Wildlife artist Clark Bronson. Rob continued his art education at Brigham Young University, studying under the tutelage of Frank Magleby, and James Christensen.

In 1998, after 17 years of owning and managing a successful small business Anderson moved to Maine. His continued love of travel inspires him to paint a variety of scenes, resulting in an extensive portfolio of paintings depicting wildlife, mountain ranges, glaciers and Maine’s working waterfront.


Rob Anderson ~ "The Hunt" ~ Oil Canvas 15" x 30"

Rob Anderson ~ “The Hunt” ~ Oil on Canvas 15″ x 30″



Rob Anderson ~ "Ripples" ~ Oil on Canvas 20" x 16"

Rob Anderson ~ “Ripples” ~ Oil on Canvas 20″ x 16″

Rob Anderson ~ "The Welcome Committee" ~ Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Rob Anderson ~ The Welcome Committee” ~ Oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″















Charles Ellithorpe, DVM is an award-winning sculptor and practing small animal veterinarian in Brunswick, Maine. After graduating from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, Charles lived in Washington and Montana before moving to mid-coast Maine. Charles describes himself as a self-taught artist, but gives credit to his formal training in animal anatomy and years as a veterinary surgeon. His limited edition bronze sculptures show his dedication to realism and detail.

An avid outdoors man, Charles was an active volunteer veterinarian with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and has been involved in hundreds of hours of hands-on elk management and relocation projects. Charles’ sculptures are part of numerous private collections across the United States and Mexico.  


Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ "Ice Bear" ~ Bronze Sculpture 14"L x 8"H

Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ “Ice Bear” ~ Bronze Sculpture 14″L X 8″H

'Setter' Bronze Sculpture by Charles Ellithorpe, DVM

‘Setter’ Bronze Sculpture by Charles Ellithorpe, DVM






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