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FEBRUARY 2018: Creatures and Critters a Benefit Exhibit for HART of Maine

Jen Pagnini ~ With the World to Herself" ~ Plein Air Oil 16" x 12"

Wild things return to Richard Boyd Art Gallery on Friday, February 2 at 10:00 a.m.  This wonderful benefit exhibition for HART of Maine features wildlife and animal theme art depicting animals in a variety of settings. The exhibit is comprised of sculptures, and paintings covering several genres including portraiture and the sporting arts genre.

The show features fifteen paintings in a variety of mediums and styles by artists’ Jen Pagnini, Amy Bickford, Julianne Garvey, and Felicity Sidwell; and five limited edition bronze sculptures by Charles Ellithorpe, DVM. Below are images of some of the paintings and sculptures included in the exhibit.

A portion of Richard Boyd Art Gallery’s net income from the sale of art works featured in the exhibit and 100% of the income from the sale of several paintings on exhibit will be donated to HART of Maine. This marvelous no-kill shelter run by an all-volunteer staff of dedicated animal lovers receives no public funding. HART relies on the support individual donors and businesses to help rescue and provide shelter for these innocent felines.

To view the loving care the cats receive while at the shelter, webcams are installed in several rooms at HART so you can take a peek at any time. To learn more about HART, take a peek at the kittens, or make a donation to this great organization please visit .

Creatures and Critters: Wildlife and Animal Theme Art is on view free of charge between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through February 28, 2018. Additional days and times by chance or scheduled by appointment.

For more information about the exhibit contact Richard Boyd Art Gallery by phone at (207)-712-1097, via email at or visit the gallery’s website at . Like us on Facebook at .


Amy Bickford ~ "Lioness" ~ Watercolor Pencil on Paper 10" x 14"

Amy Bickford ~ “Lioness” ~ Watercolor Pencil on Paper 10″ x 14″

Amy Bickford ~ "Blue Heron" ~ 18" x 24" ~ Gouache on Gesso Board

Amy Bickford ~ “Blue Heron” ~ 18″ x 24″ ~ Gouache on Gesso Board













Amy Bickford ~ 'Portland Harbor' ~ Gouache 12" x 16"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Portland Harbor’ ~ Gouache 12″ x 16″

Amy Bickford ~ 'Wilson's at Moosehead Lake' ~ Gouache 12" x 16"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Wilson’s at Moosehead Lake’ ~ 12″ x 16″













Julianne Garvey ~ "Blue Ribbon Pig" ~ Watercolor on Paper 8" x 12"

Julianne Garvey ~ “Blue Ribbon Pig” ~ Watercolor on Paper 8″ x 12″

Julianne Garvey ~ "Farmhorses in Snow" ~ Watercolor on Paper

Julianne Garvey ~ “Farmhorses in Snow” ~ Watercolor on Paper 12″ x 16″














Jane Herbert ~ "Squall' ~ Acrylic 12" x 24"

Jane Herbert ~ “Squall” ~ Acrylic 12′ x 24′

Jane Herbert ~ 'Spring Morning' ~ Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"

Jane Herbert ~ ‘Spring Morning’ ~ Acrylic on Canvas 16″ x 20″












Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ "Moose" ~ Bronze Sculpture Limited Edition of 30

Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ “Moose” ~ 14″L x 8″H x 7″W Bronze Sculpture Limited Edition of 30

Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ "Ice Bear" ~ Bronze Sculpture 14"L x 8"H

Charles Ellithorpe, DVM ~ “Ice Bear” ~ Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture 14″L X 8″H













Jen Pagnini ~ Luna" Oil on Panel 12" x 16"

Jen Pagnini ~ “Luna” ~ Oil on Panel 12″ x 16″

Jen Pagnini ~ "Drifter" ~ Oil on Wood Panel 12' x 16"

Jen Pagnini ~ “Drifter” ~ Oil on Wood Panel 12″ x 16″













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