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March 2019: A Walk in the Woods- American Landscape Paintings

Join us at Richard Boyd Art Gallery on Friday, March 1 at 10:00 a.m. for the opening of an annual exhibition of American landscape paintings.

Paintings portraying landscapes have been around for centuries and remain one of the most collected. Whether created en plein air to capture the natural light and color in the area or in a studio setting using a sketch or photograph as a reference, each work represents the artist’s vision of that place in time.

Representational landscape art can depict the artist’s interpretation of a specific scene or a detailed rendering of a landscape before them. This year’s exhibit is comprised of a selection works in a range of styles and features paintings by artists’ Patricia Chandler – oil, cold wax medium, and mixed media; Carrin Culotta – oil; Kevin Daley – oil; Jane Herbert – acrylic; Scarlet Kinney – watercolor and pastel; and Roy Perkinson – oil, and pastel.

A Walk in the Woods is on view free of charge between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 29, 2019. Additional days and times by chance or scheduled by appointment.

Richard Boyd Art Gallery is an owner operated fine arts gallery located on Peaks Island in Portland, ME at the corner of Island Avenue and Epps Street. For more information about the exhibit contact the gallery by phone at (207)-712-1097, via email at or visit the gallery’s website at . Like us on Facebook at . Follow us on Instagram at #richardboydartgallery .

Below are images of some of the paintings selected for the exhibit. Stop in to see all 30+ paintings selected for the exhibit. All works are available for purchase. See you at the gallery!

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Patricia Chandler ~ "Marsh V" ~ Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Patricia Chandler ~ “Marsh V” ~ Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″

Patricia Chandler ~ “Beech Leaves in Winter” ~ Cold Wax Medium on Panel 24″ x 20″















Scarlet Kinney ~ “October Moon, Newbury Neck” ~ Watercolor and Pastel on Paper 20.75″ x 18.25″

Scarlet Kinney ~ “A Walk in the Woods” ~ Watercolor and Pastel on Paper 22″ x 18″














Roy Perkinson ~ ‘Early Winter on the River’ ~ Pastel on Panel 12″ x 20″

Roy Perkinson ~ ‘In the Reeds’ ~ Oil on Panel 16″ x 20″












Carrin Culotta ~ ‘The Witness Tree’ ~ Oil on Linen Panel 11″ x 14″

Carrin Culotta ~ ‘Forest Breathing’ ~ Oil on Linen Panel 11″ x 14″












Jane Herbert ~ 'Summer House' ~ Acrylic 16" x 20"

Jane Herbert ~ ‘Summer House’ ~ Acrylic 16″ x 20″

Jane Herbert ~ ‘Sunset on the Flats’ ~ Acrylic on Canvas 20″ x 30″











Patricia Chandler ~ ‘Sand Pond Stream II’ ~ Oil on Panel 48″ x 24″

Amy Bickford ~ 'Deep in the Woods' ~ Gouach 20" x 16"

Amy Bickford ~ ‘Deep in the Woods’ ~ Gouache 20″ x 16″


























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