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October 2014 – “Scenes from Maine”


Rob Anderson ~ "Racing the Storm" ~ Oil on Canvas

Rob Anderson ~ “Racing the Storm” ~ Oil on Canvas

(Portland, ME) Richard Boyd Art Gallery, located on Peaks Island, opens the sixth annual exhibit of works depicting imagery from Maine on October 1, at 10:00 a.m. The exhibit showcases the diversity of subject matter in Maine which has long been a source of inspiration for artists. On exhibit are a selection of paintings in a variety of media and styles depicting images from the interior, to the islands, coves, and coastal waterways of Maine. Each work is the artists’ interpretation of a scene from Maine.

The exhibit features paintings by artists Rob Anderson – oil on canvas; Amy Bickford – acrylic based gouache on gesso board; Jane Herbert – acylic on canvas; Felicity Sidwell – oil on canvas; Wilson Stewart – acrylic on canvas; and Sarah Wilde – acrylic on canvas. The exhibit is open free of charge to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily through October 31, 2014.


Rob Anderson ~ "Fall in Camden, ME" ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 11" x 14"

Rob Anderson ~ “Fall in Camden, ME’ ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 11″ x 14”


A  multi-talented artist working in a variety of media, Rob Anderson was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains. He began his art education at an early age, studying with his scoutmaster noted Wildlife artist Clark Bronson. He continued his art education at Bigham Young University, studying under the tutelage of Frank Magleby, and James Christensen. Rob has traveled extensively, including trips to China, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, and the Caribbean, recording images from his travels in sketchbooks, and journals for future reference. In 1998, Rob moved to Maine taking a job with Casco Bay Lines ferry service as an operations agent. Working primarily in oil, Rob’s current body of work was inspired by the working harbors, sailing vessels, and ever changing Maine coast.




Amy Bickford ~ "Autumn Morning" ~ Acrylic Based Gouache Board 18" x 24"

Amy Bickford ~ “Autumn Morning” ~ Acrylic Based Gouache 18″ x 24″


Amy Bickford is a graduate of the Maine College of Art and has lived in the Portland area since 1979. Over the years she has been involved in many different forms of the arts, painting murals for the Children’s Museum, recreating the artwork on the ceiling of ST. John’s Cathedral in Bangor, as well as exhibiting works at local art venues in and around the Portland, ME. Painting primarily in watercolor or acrylic based gouache on gesso board, her subject matter is a diverse collection of flowers, animals, landscapes and seascapes, each piece evoking an emotion of its own.




"December Twilight" by Jane Herbert

“December Twilight” by Jane Herbert


Jane Herbert creates paintings in acrylic in a traditional style. In Jane’s words, “the focus of my work is on the vistas of the coastal landscape. Uninhabited islands and rock ledges are presented as wild havens where mankind yields or works in co-operation with nature.” Herbert enjoys painting on location and also creates pieces in her Damariscotta, ME studio from sketches and photo notes. Herbert is largely self-taught and says, “I love to paint!”





Felicity Sidwell ~ "October Marsh" ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 16" x 20"

Felicity Sidwell ~ “October Marsh” ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 16″ x 20″


Felicity Sidwell’s art journey has been one of constant exploration, study, evolution and growth. She grew up in England and started painting when she moved to the United States with her husband in 1971, moving from Connecticut to Maine in 2006. The journey has gone from oils to many years as a watercolorist. now primarily working in oils, she prefers to work outside to capture the colors and light of the landscape.






Wilson Stewart ~ "Coastal Turbulence" ~ 36" x 36"

Wilson Stewart ~ “Coastal Turbulence” ~ 36″ x 36″


Wilson Stewart is a visual artist and Licensed Land Surveyor living in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Influenced by his grandmother, a gifted sketch artist, Wilson has drawn on and off again since childhood, his primary artistic interests include landscapes and figurative works. Spending summers on Peaks Island in Portland, ME much of  Wilson’s work is a reaction to scenes of daily life and what he sees in nature. Weather permitting, he enjoys the challenges of plein air painting, capturing the ever-changing light and mood of his surroundings.




Gwen Sylvester ~ "Forest Fog" ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Gwen Sylvester ~ “Forest Fog” ~ Acrylic on Canvas


Gwen Sylvester is a trained fine artist with a solid foundation in classical drawing, printmaking and design from UC Davis in California. Her style is intuitive and expressive. Gwen says, ” painting is a process of discovery. The method constantly evolves as I seek to express mood and story onto the picture plane in fresh new ways. Elements interact through color, line and form, and dance between subject and ground. This allows for spacial ambiguity and the unexpected. With a bit of luck the pieces start to fit together. I’m happy when I can invite the viewer into an intriguing visual experience.”




Sarah Wilde ~ "Early Light" ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ 10" x 10"

Sarah Wilde ~ “Early Light” ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ 10″ x 10″


Sarah Wilde’s paintings are a reflection of what she loves; movement, ocean/lakes, mountains and most of all light. Sarah says, “I have painted buildings, animals, people and still-life’s, but my passion remains with nature and its mysterious play of light. Being a passionate and bold person, I work in an expressive, bold style…although sometimes a serenity emerges in a painting which is a total delight.”





Richard Boyd Art Gallery is located on Peaks Island, at the corner of Island Avenue and Epps Street, in the first building on the right, on the first floor.  For additional information about the exhibit please call the gallery at 207-712-1097, email or visit .





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